Appsolute Apps

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iPhone Apps and Android Apps Tailored the Way You Need Them

  • Appsolute Apps are official registered developers for Apple and Android Apps.
  • Develop for either platform or both. Or you can have a hybrid app, a combination of an app and a specifically developed website, built with HTML5 and Javascript. Looks and feels like an app, but for a lower budget.
  • Apps to suit most budgets, from small brochure style apps all the way to database driven social interaction apps.
  • Over 18 years experience in the digital and marketing sector.
  • We can also create full marketing and advertising to promote your new app once it goes live.

The Life Cycle of App Development


App Flowchart

We work with the client to chart our way through the new app. What every button and selection will do is completely mapped out.

This makes sure the app will do exactly what the client wants it to do before a single line of code is written.


App Storyboard

Each design is then storyboarded so we can discuss the layout and general feel of the app with the client.

Here it is decided whether to go with portrait, landscape or allow for both depending on the requirements of the app itself.


App Design

Next, the app is laid out within XCode or Android Studio so we can see what it will look like the respective devices.

This stage is for preview purposes only and there is very little functionality. But it gives everyone an excellent idea as to what the final article will look like.


App Code

Here is where the code is written. We make sure our App programs are up to date so we’re always working with the latest features. Regular builds are made and uploaded to a secure location so our clients can install the latest build and see how the app is coming along.



Once built the app is sent to either the Apple App Store or Google Play for approval.

Icons are created, descriptions are written and screenshots are taken.

Once all that is done then the app is up, live and ready for anyone to download it!