Appsolute Apps

Hybrid Apps are a great looking web site wrapped in an app shell. Affordable and Efficient.

  • In simple terms a Hybrid App is about 20% native app and 80% really, really ridiculously good looking website. Usually written in HTML5, CSS and Javascript they are created to look and feel like an app. They will happily scale for portrait, landscape and between phones and tablets. They retain a consistency in style and functionality over devices and are easier to keep updated than Native Apps. The website section can be used for both iOS apps and Android apps so it can cut down drastically on both development time and cost.

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Apps

  • Excellent for small scale projects that need to built quickly and on a budget.
  • No separate cost for developing for multiple platforms.
  • Can be developed quicker than a Native App.
  • Will look and work virtually the same on all platforms.
  • Amazon, Uber, Twitter, Gmail and Instagram have all been (or still are) hybrid apps.
  • Perfect for apps that need to display information from databases (latest results, information records, news articles, etc.)
  • Depending on the content Hybrid App could run marginally slower than a Native App.
  • A hybrid approach shouldn't be used for computationally intensive apps
  • Can only use the basic device integration like contacts, gps positioning, accelerometer, etc.
  • No good if you want things to move on the screen (e.g. Games, etc.)